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What harness would you recommend for a very pully puppy?. My dobie is only 5months old but he already reaches mid-thigh!.

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Good question! We didn’t start Sully out on a harness, because I think they tend to encourage more pulling, especially in puppies or dogs who haven’t learned to walk on leash properly. I’m not a trainer, so take my advice for what it’s worth. We started on a short leash (don’t use a retractable leash) with a metal chain slip/choke collar. The sound the chain makes, coupled with quickly snatching it tight (gently) to correct pulling behavior during a walk is more helpful than just yanking your pup back when he pulls. The trick is to get his attention away from what he’s sniffing/watching/chasing and get him to notice you. Reward him. Teach “sit” along with your leash training as another moment to get his focus on you. Patience and repetition is key.

Have you enrolled in an obedience or socialization class? Even if you and your pup only learn one thing together — it’s worth it to be in a room full of puppies! Research clicker training online. Clickers are magical when training food-motivated dogs — what dog isn’t food-motivated?

Back to your original question…we have an EzyDog harness that we use in the car, coupled with a short lead that clicks into the seatbelt. We also use the harness from our Ruffwear Palisades pack to lift Sully up into our rooftop tent.

Good luck with your pup!

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